What is Impact Malaysia?

Impact Malaysia is an agency under the purview of Ministry of Youth and Sports to spur youth-driven social impact through a multi-stakeholder working model, including communities, NGOs, civil society organisations, philanthropic organisations, corporations, innovators and tech solution providers.

Vision & Mission

The leading high-impact social innovation and youth empowerment initiative.


To create a sustainable and measurable social impact ecosystem driven by youth to bring meaningful and lasting change within their communities.

What Is The Tagline?
Advocate. Enable. Amplify.
What Are Our Program?
  • Impact Through Technology (ITT) connects like minded youths to non-profit solution providers to create scalable, impactful and cost-effective social change, subsequently enabling skill transfers to the communities through the youth.
  • Impact Through Community (ITC) enables more community-based and community-driven social projects, especially by the youth.
  • Impact Through Business (ITB) eases the process for businesses, corporations and philanthropic organisations to participate in social change is ways beyond funding.
What Are Our Program Strategies?
Enabling Impact

Impact Malaysia acts as a platform of resource-sharing, encompassing funds, people, assets, data, technology, experience, connections and more. We identify gaps and bridge relevant stakeholders together to address the gaps.

Advocating Impact

Impact Malaysia delves deep into innovative and best practices of creating social impact. We advocate for change assessment, reporting and accountability of doing good.

Amplifying Impact

Impact Malaysia develops strategic and innovative platforms to highlight stories of social impact. We position the narrative of social impact to influence policies, impacting development and solving real problems.

Who Do We Work With?
Youth, youth groups, government bodies, agencies, businesses, corporate sectors, philanthropic organisations, NGOs, civil society organisations, innovators, tech solution providers and social entrepreneurs.
Alignment of Impact Malaysia Towards Existing National Strategies On Youth

Ministry of Youth and Sports vision:

  • To reinforce and maximise the potential youth human capital as a driver of the nation’s strategic development, to reach Vision 2020 goals and beyond 2020.

Malaysian Youth Policy:

  • First objective of the Policy: To increase youth involvement as responsible members in national, regional and international initiatives
  • Youth Priority Area 5: Volunteerism and civil society


  • Youth Empowerment – To acknowledge, empower and increase the potential of the younger generation, especially in leadership; through volunteerism and lifestyle empowerment.
  • Quality of Life – To increase the quality of life for the younger generation, and to alleviate young people from the minority and marginalised.

KBS Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020, Pillar 1: Youth Development

  • Youth inclusivity
  • “From youth to youth”
  • Empowering youth talents and potential
  • Showcasing youth talents

The Eleventh Malaysia Plan (RMK-11), Chapter 3

  • Focus area B: to empower communities and to build a productive and prosperous society.
  • Strategy B2: to nurture youth potential by developing a dynamic leadership, a multitude of skills, increasing entrepreneurial will and to nurture the spirit of volunteerism amongst the youth.
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