Impact Malaysia

Product I

“Product I” is a code name for Impact Malaysia’s impact management system.

We are developing an online and offline impact management system modeled after GIIN’s IRIS+ and several other systems for organizations to simplify their impact reporting. The reports will be fed into a development tracking system based on Malaysia’s UN SDG indicators, so the third sector are aware of Malaysia’s local SDG progress and create programs to strategically cater social needs to avoid redundancy, and maximize impact. The data collected will be used to automate list of indicator suggestions for monitoring and evaluation, and a collection of baseline data for impact reporting.

Product I will be powered by Felo Impact, who will be volunteering to do research work on the organizations/individuals’ work, feeding data into Product I’s system. Product I will also be available online as an Impact Management Dashboard, and offline as an Impact Management Toolkit.

A minimum viable product (MVP) version of Product I is scheduled to be out as a beta version in June 2020. If your organization is interested to be a part of our first batch of beta users, please sign up!

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